Monday, January 19, 2009

Chain Maille II - The Sequel

Hello and Happy New Year!!

I have been reflecting on everything I've done in the past year and what I want to focus on this year. I realize it's the middle of January but I'm a little slow that way.

One of the things I dabbled with last year was chain maille embellishment for my vessel necks. I liked how they turned out and wanted to do more. I have no education in chain maille and have done very few maille projects so frankly doing these collars is like a puzzle, a very frustrating puzzle where you can't use a hammer to make certain pieces fit no matter how much of a good idea it seems. Of course, completing one is immensly satisfying. The latest one, the sky blue featured above, came together as an accident. This was not the pattern I intended but the chain flipped over on itself and like a happy accident I decided to go with it.

I will be doing more of these in the future especially since I bought myself a belated Christmas present; a Pepe jumpring maker. I received it and put it together and see that now I AM going to have to break down and buy a flex shaft to cut the rings correctly. I was resisting this idea because I'm stubborn that way and overly attached to my Dremel Stylus.

The sky blue vessel above is available on Etsy and I will be making more especially for Bead and Button in June this year. Until then, below are the two I made last year.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Lori Smith said...

Hey Jules!

I love your "happy accident" vessel! Nice job! And I really love the caps you've been doing. See you later!