Monday, September 29, 2008

Glass...Pretty, Pretty Glass

I’ve been making and posting hollows which has led to some custom orders which has led to more hollows but I have been doing other things as well. Some though have sold before I could post them and I am grateful for that these days. I have been kinda hogging one new item though. It’s a metal glass I came across maybe last year. Like anything new, I made some test pieces to see the potential. I quickly valued this glass as having the potential to make ugly, sludgy beads. I shelved it and forgot about it. I decided to play with it again and, I have no idea what changed but WOW. The colors on these disks and spacers cannot be more rich or amazing! There’s deep purple, steel to navy blue and a whole range of browns from caramel to coffee. The wee-ssels (tiny vessels) I made have already been abducted for a special project but the rest are going up for sale today.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Subject to Change

I've been playing with hollows and embellishing them so I added some metallic shards to an amethyst one. I love metallic glass so I added some metallic rivet-looking dots for a steampunk industrial look. I liked the effect so much that I made a matching vessel. I'm pretty pleased with how both turned out so there will probably be more in the series coming soon.
I didn't plan on any shows for the rest of the year but I've been asked to do a pre-holiday trunk show by some of my regular customers. I'm planning on the 15th of November right now and it will include all of the regular trappings of my trunk show: a variety of goodies for you and all of your gift-giving needs at every budget level from stocking stuffers to budget gift exchanges and more high end items for the most important person on your list - YOU! I will be including some new wire wrapped and gemstone jewelry as well so get your lists ready. I will be posting invitations but if you need directions, let me know.