Monday, September 29, 2008

Glass...Pretty, Pretty Glass

I’ve been making and posting hollows which has led to some custom orders which has led to more hollows but I have been doing other things as well. Some though have sold before I could post them and I am grateful for that these days. I have been kinda hogging one new item though. It’s a metal glass I came across maybe last year. Like anything new, I made some test pieces to see the potential. I quickly valued this glass as having the potential to make ugly, sludgy beads. I shelved it and forgot about it. I decided to play with it again and, I have no idea what changed but WOW. The colors on these disks and spacers cannot be more rich or amazing! There’s deep purple, steel to navy blue and a whole range of browns from caramel to coffee. The wee-ssels (tiny vessels) I made have already been abducted for a special project but the rest are going up for sale today.


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