Sunday, October 19, 2008

NEW - Marquis Hollows

If you haven't guessed by now, I love hollows and transparent glass. I love the way the light catches the glass and makes the colors come alive. I have a hard time decorating them because I feel like any stringer doodlings would be almost an abomination. So, I play with shape and I am really loving this shape. Keep in mind that the beads in the above photo are the first test batch. I played with shaping with little concern about size or consistency which I focus on for sets an pairs. This shape allows even more surfaces for the light to reflect and refract making them sparkle like diamonds.

Sets will be up on Etsy this week as well as some etched weessels. Custom orders welcome as always.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Praise of Mom

No, don't panic, it's not Mother's Day. I owe a few words of praise and thanks to my own mom so I'm saying it now before I forget and because Hallmark just doesn't make a card to cover it all.

Without her, I wouldn't be here but I also wouldn't be "here." My mom has offered opinions and suggestions whenever I needed them and sometimes when I didn't know I did. She has been there at every show to tote and lug stuff, package up orders, and to keep watch during restroom breaks. We have had adventures in interstate driving and walked a mile together to buy C clamps. She sacrificed a skirt for the perfect fabric to make a display for me and has taken her carpentry skills to new heights to create the perfect light bar.

Recently, she has even taken up jewelry making to accent my work and, I hope to have a little fun too. She has learned to make woven bracelets which incorporate my hollow button toggles as well as my new weessels (wee vessels) and lampwork disks. She's also started branching out with beautiful leather wrap bracelets.
Giving her a little spotlight here is the least I can do to thank her for all that she does.
Thanks Mom!!!