Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Viking Knit

Last week I had the opportunity to take a viking knit class from my friend Robin Koza of Posh Elements. Given that I am not very coordinated and sometimes have difficulty tying my shoes, Robin made it very easy. I didn't prepare for the class very well, I used beads from my orphan box (slate gray and copper green do kinda go together) but I was pleased with the results. I rarely make anything in a class worth keeping much less wearing but the pace of the class was perfect for me to take my time and make something I would be proud to wear.
Robin teaches a variety of classes and I have inside information about a new business she will be launching soon so keep an eye out for more cool stuff from her!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ken Bailey - Photographer/Darkroom Wizard

"Arbor Dream" Photo by Ken Bailey
I did a last minute show this past weekend and, well, I had a lot of time to talk with the other artists and admire their work. Ken Bailey is an amazing photographer but only half of his gift is photographing images. I think is real talent is the photomontages he creates in is darkroom. Surreal is, I suppose, the term for his work and he has a lovely website gallery that I highly recommend veiwing. The images seem to draw in the viewer. As you look at his work, you can't help but picture yourself in the image or following the trails to their magical conclusion. Sometimes that conclusion is made by the viewer. I guess that is what I admire most about his work, the viewer isn't made to feel like a bystander but a part of the fairy tale.

I think another reason I admire Ken's work is because I took a black and white photography/darkroom techniques class in high school. I loved it and dreamed of being a photographer someday. Darkroom technique seems to be a dying art as more and more photos are outsourced to developing companies or manipulated with Photoshop. I know I'm guilty of the latter. Anyway, it was a dream for me and I think the passion I feel for glass was stronger and won out.

Please visit Ken's website and if you have a chance to see his work in person, please do so.