Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Caps are Back!

Awhile back, I made caps with wire daubers and fitted each to the vessel to ensure a proper fit both at the vessel opening and within the body. I took these to a show and more than a few ended up being switched out by customers. The result was that some had daubers that were too long for the vessel body and left the cork unable to fit securely. They were popular and I have been trying to find a way to offer them again but to ensure a correct fit. As a result, I will be offering these as a part of the ala cart process in which customers choose a vessel and then a cap and or neck cord. This will allow me to double check the fit of each cap to the selected vessel and ensure that there is a good, secure fit.
I have a few up on Etsy now and will be adding more this week. I'm still not happy with the photos but I think the close ups are necessary to show the detail.
I also have some new chain maille offerings to post soon.
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