Friday, April 30, 2010

Friendship & Etching

My friend Lisa called this morning. We spent the better part of last night working on the ISLAGA postcard together, well, she did most of it because she works in a land of Photoshop that I don't visit. I offered opinions and helped keep track of changes but mostly I learned alot.
Anyway, I told Lisa I was going to update my blog and she started giggling. She knows I have trouble keeping up with my blog that writer's block keeps me from posting more often but telling her and having her giggle at me made me resolve to do it. Well, that and she said she was going to check up on me later so if I don't want to hear about it, I better do it.
Lisa was just finishing cleaning her house. Neither of us enjoys housework but we both really enjoy a good cleaning purge or at least the result of it and we both get to a point where we obsess about getting it done and relishing the reward. It's liberating in a strange way and I think we both feel a "slate cleaning" sensation that gives us a lift that carries over into our torch time. We can confess and discuss this weirdness because we both know it but telling someone else about it doesn't always translate.
What I mean to say here is that a friend is a powerful force in our lives. We teach each other what we know when we know something, motivate or bait one another out of our comfort zones, and share satisfaction in weird stuff that most anyone else doesn't appreciate. So, I value having Lisa as my friend and hope that I am a good friend to her.
Oh yeah, I etched some stuff yesterday. Mostly vessels and weessels but a few bead sets as well. Getting out the chemicals, gloves, and working with the solution is something of a project so I tend to just keep a box of stuff I want to etch and then do an afternoon of it. A few of the above pictured will be posted on Etsy but mostly I am trying to build up inventory for Bead & Button coming up June 10th.


Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs said...

Hi Jules,

Yeah!! You updated your blog!!

You are so right about the friends motivating each other! After talking to you, I cleaned like a maniac! The house is clean, the flowers are all planted, the dogs are bathed...everything on the to do list done! Thanks for talking this morning, it got me going!!

I very much value our friendship! You are a straight shooter, and I often ask you for advice because I know you will be of the things I love and respect most about you! Thanks for being such a great friend!

You etched vessels are gorgeous!! They look like beach glass, so soft! They almost look velvety! Beautiful!

It is getting ready to storm here, BAD, so I better sign off. Have a great weekend Jules!

Samma said... cleaning...not familiar with it??? But that's some kind of deliciousness there! They are just beautiful! Hugs - Samma

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