Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello and thanks for looking in!

I returned from Bead and Button earlier this month and promptly fell ill and had a bunch of custom orders to fill so I am only now getting this blog going which was one of the things on the list known as "Things I will do when I get back from B&B." That list starts in about March and grows to frightening proportions. This year it almost rivals the list of "Things I promised after Hell freezes over." Yep, I am a rabid list maker.

I have another list of items to try from my sketch book. Some new ideas on hollows have already met their watery end in the dunk bucket but I do have other ideas. I plan on getting some new chain maille vessels together and I will bring back new and improved sterling fancy stoppers. These will be a universal fit so the Etsy customer can choose their own. I like to keep that aspect in the process. Customer input to help make a piece that is truly the customers.

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